The RoJo360 Experience

What Is The RoJo360 Experience?

The RoJo360 Experience offers a unique twist to the traditional photo booth concept by providing a 360-degree video platform that captures memorable moments in an immersive way. Through specialized editing software, the footage is transformed into a visually stunning video that includes features like slow-motion and reverse transitions, adding an extra layer of creativity. Perfect for clients seeking to elevate their events, this experience allows customization with background music and event-specific overlays. The RoJo360 Experience brings a new level of excitement to any occasion, making it a standout choice for those looking to create lasting memories. Check out some samples below to see how this innovative concept can enhance your next event.

Once the session is complete, our staff will enter in the mobile number and instantly send the video to your guest’s iPhone or Android device. Once they receive the text, they can download the video to their device and share to their social media platform or to friends and family via text. There is a 2-hour minimum rental and we have some of the best rates around. It is a crowd pleaser and will bring extra excitement to any occasion: Weddings, Birthdays, Graduation Parties, High School Reunions, Corporate Parties, you name it. So, book The RoJo360 Experience today.