About me

I have been passionate about photography since 1999, when I first started capturing moments through the lens of a camera. This love for taking pictures has been ingrained in me since childhood, and I remember vividly receiving a polaroid camera as a gift on my 13th birthday. Since then, I have continuously explored the art of photography, honing my skills and developing a deep appreciation for the power of visual storytelling. Now, as a photographer, I am excited to share my passion with you as my valued customer. Together, we can capture and preserve the beautiful moments that make life truly memorable.

Since I was a child, my love for music has always been undeniable. The way melodies intertwine and beats pulsate has a way of resonating deep within my soul. As I grew older, this passion for music transformed into a burning desire to become a DJ. I find myself constantly exploring different genres, searching for unique sounds that ignite a fire within me. The thought of mixing tracks and creating seamless transitions excites me beyond measure. Music has the power to transport people to another world, and as a DJ, I want to be the one guiding them on that journey. The energy of a crowd, the euphoria of a perfectly timed drop, and the ability to make people lose themselves in the rhythm; these are the things that drive me to pursue my dream. Being a DJ is not just a career choice for me, it is a lifelong passion that I will devote myself to wholeheartedly.